Downstage Left – Constellations

by Edwin van Veen on 7 april 2023 Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Downstage Left – Constellations

Downstage Left proudly presents Nick Payne’s acclaimed play Constellations. Constellations is a love story that moves across the multiverse, giving us a glimpse of the infinite possibilities and infinite combinations swirling around two star-crossed lovers, one of whom is a quantum physicist. Oh yeah. And the other is a bee keeper.


The play follows the relationship of Marianne and Roland as they meet, fall in and out of love, fall apart and come back together. This beautiful script takes us through quantum mechanics, multiple universes and possibilities, and bee keeping.

Downstage Left’s long awaited production of Constellations is directed by Cathrine Andersen. Two casts will play on alternating days. Team Leo/Gemini, Danielle Hollereiser and Denis Burke, will play November 23 and 25. Team Sagittarius/Capricorn, Mimi van Amerongen and Chris Grabski, will play November 24 and 26. Discounted combination tickets are available to see both casts.

The performances will be in English.

Edwin van VeenDownstage Left – Constellations